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Where and When: Westercon, Seattle WA : July 4, 1997
Eligibility Year: 1996
Sf Novel
  1. Winner: Blue Mars, Kim Stanley Robinson (HarperCollins Voyager; Bantam Spectra)
  2. Endymion, Dan Simmons (Bantam Spectra)
  3. Memory, Lois McMaster Bujold (Baen)
  4. Cetaganda, Lois McMaster Bujold (Baen)
  5. Holy Fire, Bruce Sterling (Orion; Bantam Spectra)
  6. Idoru, William Gibson (Putnam)
  7. Inheritor, C. J. Cherryh (DAW)
  8. Night Lamp, Jack Vance (Underwood Books; Tor)
  9. Fairyland, Paul J. McAuley (Gollancz; Avon)
  10. Exodus from the Long Sun, Gene Wolfe (Hodder & Stoughton; Tor)
  11. Voyage, Stephen Baxter (HarperCollins Voyager; HarperPrism)
  12. Beggars Ride, Nancy Kress (Tor)
  13. Excession, Iain M. Banks (Orbit; Bantam Spectra)
  14. The Ringworld Throne, Larry Niven (Ballantine Del Rey)
  15. Children of the Mind, Orson Scott Card (Tor)
  16. Otherland: City of Golden Shadow, Tad Williams (DAW)
  17. Dreamfall, Joan D. Vinge (Warner Aspect)
  18. Remnant Population, Elizabeth Moon (Baen)
  19. Distress, Greg Egan (Millennium)
  20. Pirates of the Universe, Terry Bisson (Tor)
  21. River of Dust, Alexander Jablokov (Morrow AvoNova)
  22. Night Sky Mine, Melissa Scott (Tor)
  23. The Other End of Time, Frederik Pohl (Tor)
  24. Gibbon's Decline and Fall, Sheri S. Tepper (Bantam Spectra)
  25. The Tranquillity Alternative, Allen Steele (Ace)
  26. Oaths and Miracles, Nancy Kress (Tor)
  27. Infinity's Shore, David Brin (Bantam Spectra)
Fantasy Novel
  1. Winner: A Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin (HarperCollins Voyager; Bantam Spectra)
  2. Lunatics, Bradley Denton (St. Martin's)
  3. Winter Rose, Patricia A. McKillip (Ace)
  4. Blameless in Abaddon, James Morrow (Harcourt Brace)
  5. Royal Assassin, Robin Hobb (HarperCollins Voyager; Bantam Spectra)
  6. A Crown of Swords, Robert Jordan (Tor)
  7. Feet of Clay, Terry Pratchett (Gollancz)
  8. Nadya: The Wolf Chronicles, Pat Murphy (Tor)
  9. The Prestige, Christopher Priest (Simon & Schuster UK/Touchstone; St. Martin's)
  10. The Wood Wife, Terri Windling (Tor)
  11. One for the Morning Glory, John Barnes (Tor)
  12. Walking the Labyrinth, Lisa Goldstein (Tor)
  13. Ancient Echoes, Robert Holdstock (HarperCollins Voyager; Roc)
  14. Clouds End, Sean Stewart (Ace)
  15. The Golden Compass (UK title: Northern Lights), Philip Pullman (Knopf; Scholastic UK 1995)
  16. Mother of Winter, Barbara Hambly (Ballantine Del Rey)
  17. Fair Peril, Nancy Springer (Avon)
  18. Blood of the Fold, Terry Goodkind (Tor)
  19. Firebird, Mercedes Lackey (Baen)
  20. The Golden Key, Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson & Kate Elliott (DAW)
  21. The Dragon and the Unicorn, A. A. Attanasio (Hodder & Stoughton; HarperPrism)
  22. Sea Without a Shore, Sean Russell (DAW)
Horror/dark Fantasy Novel
  1. Winner: Desperation, Stephen King (Hodder & Stoughton; Viking)
  2. Sacrament, Clive Barker (HarperCollins)
  3. Unknown Regions (UK title: The Fetch), Robert Holdstock (Roc; Orbit 1991)
  4. The Hunger and Ecstasy of Vampires, Brian Stableford (Mark V. Ziesing)
  5. Requiem, Graham Joyce (Signet Creed; Tor)
  6. The 37th Mandala, Marc Laidlaw (St. Martin's)
  7. Servant of the Bones, Anne Rice (Knopf)
  8. The Green Mile, Stephen King (Signet)
  9. The Pillow Friend, Lisa Tuttle (White Wolf)
  10. Stainless, Todd Grimson (HarperPrism)
First Novel
  1. Winner (tie): Reclamation, Sarah Zettel (Warner Aspect)
  2. Winner (tie): Whiteout, Sage Walker (Tor)
  3. The Waterborn, J. Gregory Keyes (Ballantine Del Rey)
  4. The Fortunate Fall, Raphael Carter (Tor)
  5. Celestial Matters, Richard Garfinkle (Tor)
  6. Looking for the Mahdi, N. Lee Wood (Ace)
  7. Luck in the Shadows, Lynn Flewelling (Bantam Spectra)
  8. Mordred's Curse, Ian McDowell (AvoNova)
  9. Mainline, Deborah Christian (Tor)
  10. Wind from a Foreign Sky, Katya Reimann (Tor)
  11. Shade and Shadow, Francine G. Woodbury (Ballantine Del Rey)
  12. The Sparrow, Mary Doria Russell (Villard)
  13. Mage Heart, Jane Routley (Morrow AvoNova)
  14. Commencement, Roby James (Ballantine Del Rey)
  15. First Dawn, Mike Moscoe (Ace)
  1. Winner: Bellwether, Connie Willis (Bantam Spectra)
  2. “Blood of the Dragon”, George R. R. Martin (Asimov's Jul 1996)
  3. “Human History”, Lucius Shepard (Asimov's Apr 1996)
  4. The Unicorn Sonata, Peter S. Beagle (Turner)
  5. “Kilroy Was Here”, Jack Cady (F&SF Jul 1996)
  6. “Gas Fish”, Mary Rosenblum (Asimov's Feb 1996)
  7. “Immersion”, Gregory Benford (Science Fiction Age Mar 1996)
  8. “The Tree that Grew from the Sky”, Robert Silverberg (Science Fiction Age Sep 1996)
  9. “Chrysalis”, Robert Reed (Asimov's Sep 1996)
  10. “The Cost to be Wise”, Maureen F. McHugh (Starlight 1)
  11. “Abandon in Place”, Jerry Oltion (F&SF Dec 1996)
  12. “The Littlest Jackal”, Bruce Sterling (F&SF Mar 1996)
  13. “Verglas”, Ian R. MacLeod (F&SF Oct/Nov 1996)
  14. “Saddle Point Sequence”, Stephen Baxter (Science Fiction Age Jul 1996)
  15. “Fugue on a Sunken Continent”, G. David Nordley (Analog Nov 1996)
  16. (tie): “Primrose and Thorn”, Bud Sparhawk (Analog May 1996)
  17. (tie): “Saddle Point Dreamtime”, Stephen Baxter (Science Fiction Age Nov 1996)
  1. Winner: “Mountain Ways”, Ursula K. Le Guin (Asimov's Aug 1996)
  2. “The Edge of the Universe”, Terry Bisson (Asimov's Aug 1996)
  3. “The Land of Nod”, Mike Resnick (Asimov's Jun 1996)
  4. “Bicycle Repairman”, Bruce Sterling (Intersections: The Sycamore Hill Anthology; Asimov's Oct/Nov 1996)
  5. “Beauty and the Opéra or The Phantom Beast”, Suzy McKee Charnas (Asimov's Mar 1996)
  6. “The Dog's Story”, Eleanor Arnason (Asimov's May 1996)
  7. “A Dry, Quiet War”, Tony Daniel (Asimov's Jun 1996)
  8. “The Flowers of Aulit Prison”, Nancy Kress (Asimov's Oct/Nov 1996)
  9. “Radio Waves”, Michael Swanwick (Omni Winter 1995)
  10. “The Man in the Pepper Mill”, Gene Wolfe (F&SF Oct/Nov 1996)
  11. “Age of Aquarius”, William Barton (Asimov's May 1996)
  12. “The First Law of Thermodynamics”, James Patrick Kelly (Intersections: The Sycamore Hill Anthology)
  13. “Amends”, John Brunner (Asimov's Mar 1996)
  14. “After a Lean Winter”, Dave Wolverton (F&SF Mar 1996; War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches)
  15. “Martian Valkyrie”, G. David Nordley (Analog Jan 1996)
  16. “Try and Kill It”, Gene Wolfe (Asimov's Oct/Nov 1996)
  17. “Kronos”, Allen Steele (Science Fiction Age Jan 1996)
  18. “The Peacock Throne”, Charles Sheffield (Asimov's Feb 1996)
  19. “Out of the Mouths”, Sheila Finch (F&SF Dec 1996)
  20. “Diana of the Hundred Breasts”, Robert Silverberg (Realms of Fantasy Feb 1996)
  21. “The Longer Voyage”, Michael Cassutt (F&SF Jul 1996)
  22. “The Three Labors of Bubba”, Bud Webster (Analog Jun 1996)
  23. “Nonstop to Portales”, Connie Willis (The Williamson Effect)
  24. “In the Upper Room”, Terry Bisson (Playboy Apr 1996)
Short Story
  1. Winner: “Gone”, John Crowley (F&SF Sep 1996)
  2. “Counting Cats in Zanzibar”, Gene Wolfe (Asimov's Aug 1996)
  3. “The Last Homosexual”, Paul Park (Asimov's Jun 1996)
  4. “The Dead”, Michael Swanwick (Starlight 1)
  5. “The Soul Selects Her Own Society: Invasion and Repulsion: A Chronological Reinterpretation of Two of Emily Dickinson's Poems: A Wellsian Perspective”, Connie Willis (Asimov's Apr 1996; War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches)
  6. “Forget Luck”, Kate Wilhelm (F&SF Apr 1996)
  7. “On Sequoia Time”, Daniel Keys Moran (Asimov's Sep 1996)
  8. “Decency”, Robert Reed (Asimov's Jun 1996)
  9. “Strings”, Maureen F. McHugh (Science Fiction Age Nov 1996)
  10. “Appointment in Sinai”, Ben Bova (Analog Jun 1996)
  11. “Community”, Gardner Dozois (Asimov's Sep 1996)
  12. “A Silurian Tale”, Steven Utley (Asimov's May 1996)
  13. “Columbiad”, Stephen Baxter (Science Fiction Age May 1996)
  14. “Un-Birthday Boy”, James White (Analog Feb 1996)
  15. “Invasion”, Joanna Russ (Asimov's Jan 1996)
  16. “The Spacetime Pit”, Stephen Baxter & Eric Brown (Interzone #107 May 1996)
  17. “Breakaway, Backdown”, James Patrick Kelly (Asimov's Jun 1996)
  18. “First Tuesday”, Robert Reed (F&SF Feb 1996)
  19. “Death Do Us Part”, Robert Silverberg (Omni Online Dec 1996)
  20. “Under Pressure”, Sarah Zettel (Analog Apr 1996)
  1. Winner: None So Blind, Joe Haldeman (Morrow AvoNova)
  2. Unlocking the Air and Other Stories, Ursula K. Le Guin (HarperCollins)
  3. Quicker than the Eye, Ray Bradbury (Avon)
  4. Bible Stories for Adults, James Morrow (Harcourt Brace)
  5. Dreamweaver's Dilemma, Lois McMaster Bujold (NESFA Press)
  6. All One Universe, Poul Anderson (Tor)
  7. The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye, Jonathan Lethem (Harcourt Brace)
  8. Killdozer!: Volume III: The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon, Theodore Sturgeon, edited by Paul Williams (North Atlantic Books)
  9. Microcosmic God: Volume II: The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon, Theodore Sturgeon, edited by Paul Williams (North Atlantic Books)
  10. The Panic Hand, Jonathan Carroll (HarperCollins UK; St. Martin's)
  11. Over the River and Through the Woods: The Best Short Fiction of Clifford D. Simak, Clifford D. Simak (Tachyon Publications)
  12. At the City Limits of Fate, Michael Bishop (Edgewood Press)
  13. Standard Candles, Jack McDevitt (Tachyon Publications)
  14. Ribofunk, Paul Di Filippo (Four Walls Eight Windows)
  15. Schismatrix Plus, Bruce Sterling (Ace)
  16. Minor Arcana, Diana Wynne Jones (Gollancz)
  17. The Nightmare Factory, Thomas Ligotti (Raven Books; Carroll & Graf)
  18. Before...12:01...After, Richard A. Lupoff (Fedogan & Bremer)
  19. The Invisible Country, Paul J. McAuley (Gollancz)
  20. Synthesis and Other Virtual Realities, Mary Rosenblum (Arkham House)
  1. Winner: The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirteenth Annual Collection, Gardner Dozois, ed. (St. Martin's)
  2. The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Ninth Annual Collection, Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds. (St. Martin's)
  3. Year's Best SF, David G. Hartwell, ed. (HarperPrism)
  4. Starlight 1, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, ed. (Tor)
  5. War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches, Kevin J. Anderson, ed. (Bantam Spectra)
  6. Nebula Awards 30, Pamela Sargent, ed. (Harcourt Brace)
  7. Visions of Wonder, David G. Hartwell & Milton T. Wolf, eds. (Tor)
  8. Off Limits: Tales of Alien Sex, Ellen Datlow, ed. (St. Martin's)
  9. Intersections: The Sycamore Hill Anthology, John Kessel, Mark L. Van Name & Richard Butner, eds. (Tor)
  10. American Gothic Tales, Joyce Carol Oates, ed. (Plume)
  1. Winner: Look at the Evidence, John Clute (Serconia Press)
  2. Time & Chance: An Autobiography, L. Sprague de Camp (Donald M. Grant)
  3. The Tough Guide to Fantasyland, Diana Wynne Jones (Vista)
  4. H.P. Lovecraft: A Life, S. T. Joshi (Necronomicon Press)
  5. St. James Guide to Fantasy Writers, David Pringle, ed. (St. James Press)
  6. Ash of Stars: On the Writing of Samuel R. Delany, James Sallis, ed. (University Press of Mississippi)
  7. Jules Verne: An Exploratory Biography, Herbert R. Lottman (St. Martin's)
  8. The Jules Verne Encyclopedia, Brian Taves & Stephen Michaluk, Jr. (Scarecrow Press)
Art Book
  1. Winner: Spectrum 3: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, Cathy Burnett & Arnie Fenner eds., with Jim Loehr (Underwood Books)
  2. The Faces of Fantasy, Patti Perret (Tor)
  3. The World of Edward Gorey, Clifford Ross & Karen Wilkin; artist Edward Gorey (Abrams)
  4. Neurotica: The Darkest Art of J.K. Potter, J. K. Potter (Overlook Press)
  5. H.R. Giger's Film Design, H. R. Giger (Morpheus International)
  6. Maxfield Parrish: A Retrospective, Laurence S. Cutler & Judy Goffman Cutler; artist Maxfield Parrish (Pomegranate)
  7. Animal Farm: 50th Anniversary Edition, George Orwell, illustrated by Ralph Steadman (Harcourt Brace)
  8. A City in Winter, Mark Helprin, illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg (Viking Ariel)
  9. The Wanderings of Odysseus, Rosemary Sutcliff, illustrated by Alan Lee (Delacorte)
  1. Winner: Asimov's
  2. F&SF
  3. Analog
  4. Science Fiction Age
  5. Interzone
  6. Realms of Fantasy
  7. Century
Book Publisher
  1. Winner: Tor/St. Martin's
  2. Bantam/Doubleday/Dell
  3. Ballantine/Del Rey/etc.
  4. Baen
  5. DAW
  6. Putnam Berkley/Ace
  7. HarperCollins/HarperPrism
  8. Avon/Morrow
  9. White Wolf
  10. Warner
  11. Penguin/Roc

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