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Where and When: StokerCon 2021, Denver, CO : May 20, 2021 - May 23, 2021
Eligibility Year: 2020
Lifetime Achievement
First Novel
Young-adult Novel
Long Fiction
Short Fiction
  • Winner: “One Last Transformation”, Josh Malerman (Miscreations: Gods, Monstrosities & Other Horrors)
  • “Am I Missing the Sunlight?”, Meghan Arcuri (Borderlands 7)
  • “Introduction to the Horror Story, Day 1”, Kurt Fawver (Nightmare Nov 2020)
  • “Should Fire Remember the Fuel?”, Kyla Lee Ward (Oz Is Burning)
  • “The Thing I Found Along a Dirt Patch Road”, Cindy O'Quinn (Shotgun Honey Presents Volume 4: Recoil)
Short Nonfiction
  • Winner: “Speaking of Horror”, Tim Waggoner (The Writer Nov 2020)
  • “The Beloved Haunting of Hill House: An Examination of Monstrous Motherhood”, Rhonda Jackson Joseph (The Streaming of Hill House: Essays on the Haunting Netflix Adaptation)
  • “Final Girl: A Life in Horror”, Christina Sng (Interstellar Flight Oct 2020)
  • “I Need to Believe”, Cynthia Pelayo (Southwest Review 105.3)
  • “Lost, Found, and Finally Unbound: The Strange History of the 1910 Edison Frankenstein”, Kelly Robinson (Rue Morgue Jun 2020)
Graphic Novel
  • Winner: The Invisible Man, Leigh Whannell (Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, Goalpost Pictures, Nervous Tick Productions)
  • Color Out of Space, Scarlett Amaris & Richard Stanley (SpectreVision)
  • The Haunting of Bly Manor: “The Altar of the Dead”, Angela LaManna (Intrepid Pictures, Amblin Television, Paramount Television Studios)
  • Lovecraft Country: “Jig-a-Bobo”, Misha Green & Ihuoma Ofordire (Affeme, Monkeypaw Productions, Bad Robot Productions, Warner Bros. Television Studios)
  • Lovecraft Country: “Sundown”, Misha Green (Affeme, Monkeypaw Productions, Bad Robot Productions, Warner Bros. Television Studios)
Poetry Collection

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