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Awards Summary

Career and Special Awards: 1

Major Awards: 4

Locus Awards: 3

Other Awards: 7

Total Number of Award Wins and Nominations: 55

Times Served as Judge: 1

— Career and Special Awards —
Robert A. Heinlein Awardfor hard SF inspiring space exploration, presented by the Heinlein Society

— Major Awards —
Hugo Awardsfor SF/F works, voted by members of annual World Science Fiction Convention
(13 nominations; 3 wins)

Starter Villain (Tor US; Tor UK) — novel — nomination -- pending

The Kaiju Preservation Society (Tor; Tor UK) — novel — nomination

The Interdependency (Tor; Tor UK) — series — nomination

The Collapsing Empire (Tor) — novel — nomination

Redshirts (Tor) — novel — winner

“Shadow War of the Night Dragons, Book One: The Dead City (Prologue)” ( 1 Apr 2011) — short story — nomination

The God Engines (Subterranean) — novella — nomination

Zoe's Tale (Tor) — novel — nomination

Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded: A Decade of Whatever, 1998-2008 (Subterranean Press) — related book — winner

The Last Colony (Tor) — novel — nomination

— fan writer — winner

— fan writer — nomination

Old Man's War (Tor) — novel — nomination

Nebula Awardsfor SF/F works, voted by SF & Fantasy Writers of America professional membership
(1 nomination)

The God Engines (Subterranean) — novella — nomination

Andre Norton Awardfor YA SF/F works, presented by SFWA in parallel with the Nebula Awards
(1 nomination)

Zoe's Tale (Tor) — finalist

British Fantasy Awardsfor fantasy works published in the UK, voted by British Fantasy Society members, juried since 2012
(1 nomination)

Whatever ( — nonfiction — nomination

Dragon Awardsfor SF/F works, voted on by members of the annual Dragon Con
(4 nominations; 1 win)

The Kaiju Preservation Society (Tor) — sf novel — nomination

The Last Emperox (Tor) — sf novel — winner

The Collapsing Empire (Tor) — sf novel — nomination

The End of All Things (Tor) — military SF/F novel — nomination

John W. Campbell Memorial Awardfor SF novel published in US or UK; juried
(1 nomination)

Lock In (Tor) — finalist

— Locus Awards and Poll —
Locus Awardsfor SF/F/H works, polled by readers of Locus Magazine
(15 nominations; 3 wins)

Starter Villain (Tor; Tor UK) — sf novel — 2nd place

The Kaiju Preservation Society (Tor; Tor UK) — sf novel — winner

The Last Emperox (Tor; Tor UK) — sf novel — 3rd place

The Collapsing Empire (Tor US; Tor UK) — sf novel — winner

Don't Live for Your Obituary (Subterranean) — non-fiction — 3rd place

The Dispatcher (Audible; Subterranean 2017) — novella — 6th place

Lock In (Tor; Gollancz) — sf novel — 5th place

Redshirts (Tor; Gollancz) — sf novel — winner

Zoe's Tale (Tor) — young adult novel — 3rd place

“After the Coup” ( Jul 2008) — short story — 2nd place

The Last Colony (Tor) — sf novel — 21st place

The Android's Dream (Tor) — sf novel — 22nd place

The Ghost Brigades (Tor) — sf novel — 19th place

Old Man's War (Tor) — sf novel — 24th place

Old Man's War (Tor) — first novel — 2nd place

— Other Awards —
Geffen Awardsfor SF works in Hebrew, voted by members of annual Israeli SF/F convention
(2 nominations; 2 wins)

Redshirts — sf book — winner

Old Man's War — sf book — winner

(1 nomination; 1 win)


Kurd Lasswitz Preisfor SF works published in Germany, juried
(1 nomination; 1 win)

The Android's Dream — foreign novel — winner

Phantastik Preisfor SF/F works published in Germany, polled by readers of website
(2 nominations)

Redshirts — foreign novel — 4th place

The Last Colony — foreign novel — nomination

Prometheus Awardsfor SF works on libertarian themes, voted by members of the Libertarian Futurist Society
(1 nomination)

The Ghost Brigades (Tor) — novel — nomination

Seiun Awardsfor SF/F works published in Japan, voted by members of annual Japanese SF Con
(6 nominations; 3 wins)

The Kaiju Preservation Society — translated novel — winner

Redshirts — translated novel — nomination

The Android's Dream — translated long form — winner

The Last Colony — translated novel — winner

The Ghost Brigades — translated long form — nomination

Old Man's War — translated long form — nomination

SF Site Readers Pollfor SF/F books, voted by readers of SF Site website
(4 nominations)

Redshirts (Tor) — sf/fantasy book — 4th place

Zoe's Tale (Tor) — sf/fantasy book — 10th place

The Last Colony (Tor) — sf/fantasy book — 7th place

The Ghost Brigades (Tor) — sf/fantasy book — 10th place

Sidewise Awardsfor works of alternate history, juried
(1 nomination)

“Missives from Possible Futures #1: Alternate History Search Results” (Subterranean Win 2007) — short form — nomination

— As Judge —
Endeavour Awardfor best book by a Pacific Northwest writer, juried

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