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Where and When: Conjure, the 45th Australian national SF convention, Brisbane, Australia : April 15, 2006
Eligibility Year: 2005
Novella Or Novelette
  • Winner: “The Grinding House”, Kaaron Warren (The Grinding House)
  • “Countless Screaming Argonauts”, Chris Lawson (Realms of Fantasy Aug 2005)
  • “The Memory of Breathing”, Lyn Triffitt (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #17)
  • “Passing of the Minotaurs”, Rjurik Davidson (Sci Fiction 20 Apr 2005)
  • “The Red Priest's Homecoming”, Dirk Flinthart (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #17)
Short Story
  • Winner: “Fresh Young Widow”, Kaaron Warren (The Grinding House)
  • “Leviathan”, Simon Brown (Eidolon SF: Online)
  • “Matricide”, Lucy Sussex (Sci Fiction 2 Feb 2005)
  • “Once Giants Roamed the Earth”, Rosaleen Love (Daikaiju! Giant Monster Tales)
  • “Summa Seltzer Missive”, Deborah Biancotti (Ticonderoga Online #6)
Collected Work
Fan Production
Fan Writer
Fan Artist
  • Winner: Shane Parker (Conflux Poster Art, Conflux)
  • Dick Jenssen (Artwork in American fan Earl Kemp's ezines eI20 (June 2005) and eI23 (Dec 2005), Published via efanzines.com)
  • Elaine Kemp (ConSensual a Trois interior artwork, ConSensual a Trois, April 2005)
  • Winner: Nick Stathopoulos for Australian Speculative Fiction: A Genre Overview by Donna Hanson
  • Greg Bridges for The Blood Debt by Sean Williams (HarperCollins Australia)
  • Fell #3, Ben Templesmith (Image Comics)
  • Robin Evans for The Grinding House by Kaaron Warren (CSFG Publishing)
William Atheling Jr. Award For Criticism Or Review
Professional Achievement

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