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short poem
2023 (tie) “Harold and the Blood-Red Crayon”, Jennifer Crow
2023 (tie) “In Stock Images of the Future, Everything is White”, Terese Mason Pierre
2022 “Confessions of a Spaceport AI”, Mary Soon Lee
2021 “Summer Time(lessness)”, Linda D. Addison
2020 “Taking, Keeping”, Jessica J. Horowitz
2019 “After Her Brother Ripped the Heads from Her Paper Dolls”, Beth Cato
2018 “Advice to a Six-Year-Old”, Mary Soon Lee
2017 “George Tecumseh Sherman's Ghosts”, Marge Simon
2016 “Time Travel Vocabulary Problems”, Ruth Berman
2015 “Shutdown”, Marge Simon
2014 “Turning the Leaves”, Amal El-Mohtar
2013 “Into Flight”, Andrew Robert Sutton
2012 “The Library, After”, Shira Lipkin
2011 “Peach-Creamed Honey”, Amal El-Mohtar
2010 “To Theia”, Ann K. Schwader
2009 “Song for an Ancient City”, Amal El-Mohtar
2008 “Eating Light”, F. J. Bergmann
2007 “The Graven Idol's Godheart”, Rich Ristow
2006 “The Strip Search”, Mike Allen
2005 “No Ruined Lunar City”, Greg Beatty
2004 “Just Distance”, Roger Dutcher
2003 “Potherb Gardening”, Ruth Berman
2002 “We Die As Angels”, William John Watkins
2001 “My Wife Returns As She Would Have It”, Bruce Boston
2000 “Grimoire”, Rebecca Marjesdatter
1999 “Confessions of a Body Thief”, Bruce Boston
1998 “Explaining Frankenstein To His Mother”, John Grey
1997 “Day Omega”, W. Gregory Stewart
1996 “Future Present: A Lesson in Expectation”, Bruce Boston
1995 “Skin of Glass”, Dan Raphael
1994 (tie) “Flight Is For Those Who Have Not Yet Crossed Over”, Jeff VanderMeer
1994 (tie) “Spacer's Compass”, Bruce Boston
1993 “Will”, Jane Yolen
1992 “Song of the Martian Cricket”, David Lunde
1991 “Eighteen Years Old, October Eleventh”, Joe Haldeman
1990 “Epitaph for Dreams”, G. Sutton Breiding
1989 “Salinity”, Robert Frazier
1988 (tie) “Rocky Road to Hoe”, Suzette Haden Elgin
1988 (tie) “The Nightmare Collector”, Bruce Boston
1987 (tie) “Before the Big Bang”, Jonathan V. Post
1987 (tie) “A Dream of Heredity”, John Calvin Rezmerski
1986 “The Neighbor's Wife”, Susan Palwick
1985 “For Spacers Snarled in the Hair of Comets”, Bruce Boston
1984 “Two Sonnets”, Helen Ehrlich
1983 “In Computers”, Alan P. Lightman
1982 “On the Speed of Light”, Raymond DiZazzo
1981 “Meeting Place”, Ken Duffin
1980 (tie) “Encased in the Amber of Eternity”, Robert Frazier
1980 (tie) “The Migration of Darkness”, Peter Payack
1979 (tie) “Fatalities”, Duane Ackerson
1979 (tie) “Story Books and Treasure Maps”, Steve Eng
1978 (tie) “Asleep in the Arms of Mother Night”, Andrew Joron
1978 (tie) “The Starman”, Duane Ackerson
1978 (tie) “Corruption of Metals”, Sonya Dorman
long poem
2023 “Machine (r)Evolution”, Colleen Anderson
2022 “The Bookstore”, Beth Cato
2021 “Eleven Exhibits in a Better Natural History Museum, London”, Jenny Blackford
2020 “Heliobacterium daphnephilum”, Rebecca Buchanan
2019 “Ursula Le Guin in the Underworld”, Sarah Tolmie
2018 “The Mushroom Hunters”, Neil Gaiman
2017 “Rose Child”, Theodora Goss
2016 (tie) “Keziah”, Ann K. Schwader
2016 (tie) “It Begins with a Haunting”, Krysada Panusith Phounsiri
2015 “100 Reasons to Have Sex with an Alien”, F. J. Bergmann
2014 “Interregnum”, Mary Soon Lee
2013 “The Cat Star”, Terry Garey
2012 “The Curator Speaks in the Department of Dead Languages”, Megan Arkenberg
2011 “The Sea King's Second Bride”, C. S. E. Cooney
2010 “In the Astronaut Asylum”, Kendall Evans & Samantha Henderson
2009 “Search”, Geoffrey A. Landis
2008 “The Seven Devils of Central California”, Catherynne M. Valente
2007 “The Journey to Kailash”, Mike Allen
2006 “The Tin Men”, Kendall Evans & David C. Kopaska-Merkel
2005 “Soul Searching”, Tim Pratt
2004 “Octavia Is Lost in the Hall of Masks”, Theodora Goss
2003 (tie) “Matlacihuatl's Gift”, Sonya Taaffe
2003 (tie) “Epochs in Exile: A Fantasy Trilogy”, Charles Saplak & Mike Allen
2002 “How to Make a Human”, Lawrence Schimel
2001 “January Fires”, Joe Haldeman
2000 “Christmas (after we all got time machines)”, Geoffrey A. Landis
1999 “egg horror poem”, Laurel Winter
1998 “why goldfish shouldn't use power tools”, Laurel Winter
1997 “Spotting UFOs While Canning Tomatoes”, Terry Garey
1996 “Variants of the Obsolete”, Marge Simon
1995 “Pilot, Pilot”, David Lunde
1994 “Basement Flats”, W. Gregory Stewart & Robert Frazier
1993 “To Be from Earth”, William Daciuk
1992 “The button, and what you know”, W. Gregory Stewart
1991 “The Aging Cryonicist in the Arms of His Mistress Contemplates the Survival of the Species While the Phoenix Is Consumed by Fire”, David Memmott
1990 “dear spacemen”, Patrick McKinnon
1989 (tie) “In the Darkened Hours”, Bruce Boston
1989 (tie) “Winter Solstice, Camelot Station”, John M. Ford
1988 “White Trains”, Lucius Shepard
1987 “Daedalus”, W. Gregory Stewart
1986 “Shipwrecked on Destiny Five”, Andrew Joron
1985 “A Letter from Caroline Herschel”, Siv Cedering
1984 “Saul's Death”, Joe Haldeman
1983 “Your Time and You”, Adam Cornfield
1982 “The Well of Baln”, Ursula K. Le Guin
1981 “On Science Fiction”, Thomas M. Disch
1980 “The Sonic Waterfall of Primes”, Andrew Joron
1979 “For the Lady of a Physicist”, Michael Bishop
1978 “The Computer Iterates the Greater Trumps”, Gene Wolfe
grand master
2022 Akua Lezli Hope
2022 Mary Soon Lee
2020 Linda D. Addison
2018 Ann K. Schwader
2017 David C. Kopaska-Merkel
2015 Steve Sneyd
2015 Marge Simon
2010 Jane Yolen
2008 Ray Bradbury
2005 Robert Frazier
1999 Bruce Boston

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