John W. Campbell Memorial Award 2016

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Where and When: MidAmericon II, Kansas City, MO : August 18, 2016
Eligibility Year: 2015
Associated With: Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award
Second Place
Third Place
Four of this year's finalists have previously won the Campbell Memorial Award: Kim Stanley Robinson in 1991 for Pacific Edge, Paolo Bacigalupi in 2010 for The Windup Girl, Ian McDonald in 2011 for The Dervish House, and Adam Roberts in 2013 for Jack Glass.

In addition to their wins, Robinson has been a finalist five times before, McDonald twice before, and Roberts three times before.

Three of year's finalists are first-timers: Nnedi Okorafor, Kit Reed, and Eleanor Lerman.

Dave Hutchinson was a finalist last year for Europe in Autumn. James Morrow has been a finalist four times before (placing second twice and third twice), Linda Nagata twice before, and Neal Stephenson twice before.

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