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Where and When: Con*Cept, Montreal, Quebec, Canada : October 4, 1998
Eligibility Year: 1997
Long-form Work In English
Short-form Work In English
Other Work In English
  • Winner: Northern Frights 4, Don Hutchison, ed. (Mosaic Press) (anthology)
  • Earth: Final Conflict: “Sandoval's Run” (Atlantis Films, Baton Broadcasting, Roddenberry/Kirschner Productions, Tribune)
  • On Spec (sf magazine, The Copper Pig Writers' Society)
  • Parsec (sf magazine, Parsec Publishing Co)
  • ReBoot: “Firewall” (Mainframe Entertainment, Inc.)
  • Tesseracts6, Robert J. Sawyer & Carolyn Clink, eds. (Tesseract Books) (anthology)
  • TransVersions (sf magazine, Island Specialty Reports)
Fan Achievement (fanzine)
Fan Achievement (organizational)
Fan Achievement (other)

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