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— 2010 —
foreign book Blindsight (Visión Ciega Diáspora), Peter Watts
foreign story “A Soul in a Bottle” (“Un alma embotellada“), Tim Powers
— 2009 —
foreign book The Yiddish Policemen's Union (El Sindicato de Policía Yiddish), Michael Chabon
foreign story “The Index” (“El índice“), J. G. Ballard
— 2008 —
foreign book The Road (La Carretera), Cormac McCarthy
foreign story “macs” (“Macs“), Terry Bisson
— 2007 —
foreign book Kafka on the Shore (Kafka en la Orilla), Haruki Murakami
foreign story “Learning to Be Me” (“Aprendiendo a ser yo“), Greg Egan
— 2006 —
foreign book Never Let Me Go (Nunca me Abandones), Kazuo Ishiguro
foreign story “For I Have Touched the Sky” (“He tocado el cielo“), Mike Resnick

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