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Where and When: Kansas City MO : March 3, 2006
Judges: Brom, Bruce Jensen, Stephan Martiniere, Meg Walsh
  • Gold Award: “Prometheus”, Donato Giancola (client: Asimov's Science Fiction)
  • Silver Award: “Die SF”, Andrew Jones (client: ConceptArt.org, art director Massive Black)
  • Gold Award: Jon Foster for The Demon and the City by Liz Williams (client: Night Shade Books; art director Jeremy Lassen)
  • Silver Award: Michael Deas for Earthbound by Richard Matheson (client: Tor Books; art director Irene Gallo)
  • Gold Award: Jeremy Geddes for Doomed #4 (client: IDW; art director Ashley Wood)
  • Silver Award: David Hartman for The Devil's Rejects (client: IDW; art director Kris Oprisko)
  • Gold Award: “Under Autumn's Tentacled Spell”, Tim Bruckner (client: Jonathan LeVine Galleries / designer: Todd Schorr)
  • Silver Award: “Moodius Centaurus”, Andrew Sinclair (client: Ridgeway Sculpture Design / designer: artist w/ Clive Pittman)
  • Gold Award: “Antarctic Megalosaur”, William Stout (client: Prehistoric Times / art director: Mike Fredericks)
  • Silver Award: “Revenge of the Geisha”, Yuko Shimizu (client: X-Funs / art director: Johnson Lee)
  • Gold Award: “Warriors of Khorne”, Cos Koniotis (client: Sabertooth Games)
  • Silver Award: “Jade Sea Walker II”, Daniel Dociu (client: Arena Net/Guild Wars)

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