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Eligibility Year: 1981
  1. Winner: The Claw of the Conciliator, Gene Wolfe (Timescape)
  1. Winner: “In the Western Tradition”, Phyllis Eisenstein (F&SF Mar 1981)
  1. Winner: “Mummer Kiss”, Michael Swanwick (Universe 11)
Short Story
  1. Winner: “The Pusher”, John Varley (F&SF Oct 1981)
Dramatic Presentation
  1. Winner: Raiders of the Lost Ark
  1. Winner: Michael Whelan
  1. Winner: Edward L. Ferman
  1. Winner: Science Fiction Chronicle
Fan Writer
  1. Winner: Richard Geis
Fan Artist At Artshows
  1. Winner: Victoria Poyser
Fan Artist In Fanzines
  1. Winner: Alexis Gilliland
Convention Of 1981
  1. Winner: Denvention II

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