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Awards Summary


Major Awards: 1


Other Awards: 2

Total Number of Award Wins and Nominations: 24

— Major Awards —
World Fantasy Awardsfor Fantasy works; juried, with nominations from World Fantasy Con members
(3 nominations)

Love In Vein (PZB & Martin H. Greenberg, eds.) (HarperPrism) — anthology — nomination

Drawing Blood (Delacorte Abyss) — novel — nomination

“Calcutta, Lord of Nerves ” (Still Dead) — short story — nomination

Bram Stoker Awardsfor Horror works, voted by Horror Writer's Association professional membership
(5 nominations)

Calcutta Horror (by Alessandro Manzetti, Stefano Cardoselli & PZB) (Independent Legions) — graphic novel — nomination

Exquisite Corpse (Simon & Schuster) — novel — nomination

Drawing Blood (Delacorte Abyss) — novel — nomination

Lost Souls (Delacorte Abyss) — first novel — nomination

“The Ash of Memory, the Dust of Desire ” (Dead End: City Limits) — short story — nomination

British Fantasy Awardsfor fantasy works published in the UK, voted by British Fantasy Society members, juried since 2012
(1 nomination; 1 win)

Icarus — winner

James Tiptree Jr Memorial Awardfor SF/F that explores and expands the roles of women and men, juried
(1 nomination)

Drawing Blood (Delacorte Abyss) — long list

— Locus Awards and Poll —
Locus Awardsfor SF/F/H works, polled by readers of Locus Magazine
(8 nominations)

Are You Loathsome Tonight? (Gauntlet; Orion) — collection — 16th place

Are You Loathsome Tonight? (Gauntlet) — collection — 19th place

Love in Vein II (PZB & Martin H. Greenberg, eds.) (HarperPrism) — anthology — 12th place

Love In Vein (PZB & Martin H. Greenberg, eds.) (HarperPrism) — anthology — 5th place

Drawing Blood (Delacorte Abyss) — horror novel — 6th place

Swamp Foetus (Borderlands Press) — collection — 15th place

Lost Souls (Delacorte Abyss) — horror/dark fantasy novel — 11th place

Lost Souls (Delacorte Abyss) — first novel — 3rd place

— Other Awards —
Grand Prix de l'Imaginairefor SF works published in France, juried
(1 nomination; 1 win)

“Calcutta, Lord of Nerves ” — Translated Short Story — winner

International Horror Guild Awardsfor horror works, juried
(1 nomination; 1 win)

Love In Vein (HarperPrism) — anthology — winner

Lambda Awardfor gay and lesbian literature, juried
(2 nominations)

Drawing Blood (Delacorte Abyss) — sf/fantasy — nomination

Lost Souls (Delacorte Abyss) — gay men's sf/fantasy — nomination

Southeastern SF Achievement Awardsfor SF/F/H works by writers in southeastern US
(1 nomination)

life achievement — nomination

William L. Crawford - IAFA Fantasy Awardfor first fantasy book, juried
(1 nomination)

Lost Souls (Delacorte Abyss) — finalist

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