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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Wodhams, Jack -C -T
Wohleber, Curt
Wohlwend, Michael
Wojciewoski, Elaine
Wojtasiewicz, Theresa
Wojtowicz, Slawek
Wolf, C. M.
Wolf, Gary K.
Wolf, Leonard
Wolf, Mari
Wolf, Mark J. P.
Wolf, Milton T.
Wolf, Shena
Wolfe, Bernard
Wolfe, Chris Ann
Wolfe, Claire
Wolfe, Gary K. -C -T
Wolfe, Gene -C -T
Wolfe, Navah -C -T
Wolfe, Ron
Wolfenbarger, Billy
Wolk, Anthony
Wollheim, Donald A. -C -T
Wollheim, Elizabeth R. (Betsy) -C -T
Wollheim, Elsie
Wollman, Steven
Wolski, Marcin
Wolter, Andrew
Wolven, Nick
Wolverton, Dave -C -T
Womack, Jack -C -T
Womack, Marian
Womack, Ytasha L.
Wonders, Brooke
Wong, Alyssa -C -T
Wong, Daniel
Wong, Devon
Wong, Eric
Wong, James
Wong, John C. H.
Woo, Amelia
Wood, Andy
Wood, Ashley -C -T
Wood, Bari
Wood, Brian
Wood, Heather J.
Wood, Mike
Wood, N. Lee
Wood, Nick
Wood, Rocky -C -T
Wood, Susan -C -T
Wood, Wally
Wood, William
Woodbury, Francine G.
Woodcock, Gordon R.
Wooding, Chris
Woodroffe, Patrick -C -T
Woods, Bryan
Woods, Chavisa
Woods, P. F.
Woodson, S.
Woodward, Greer
Woodward, Jason
Woodward, Jon
Woodworth, Stephen
Woolard, Gary
Woolf, Virginia
Woolfe, Sue
Woolman, Steven
Woolrich, Cornell
Woolston, Stan
Wordie, Jason
Workman, Athena
Wormser, Richard
Worra, Bryan Thao
Worrell, Everil
Worthen, Mark W.
Worthen, Shana
Worthington, Will
Worthy, Barbara
Wrede, Patricia C. -C -T
Wren, M. K.
Wren, Thomas
Wright, Austin Tappan
Wright, Barbara
Wright, Betty Ren
Wright, Bill -C
Wright, Brad
Wright, Cheyenne
Wright, Dwayne V.
Wright, Edgar
Wright, Farnsworth
Wright, Gary
Wright, John C. -C -T
Wright, Kristina
Wright, Peter
Wright, Ronald
Wright, S. Fowler
Wright, Sean -C -T
Wright [2], Sean
Wright, Sewell Peaslee
Wright, Stephen
Wright, T. M.
Wright, Waldo Carlton
Wrightson, Bernie -C -T
Wrightson, Patricia
Wrigley, Sylvia Spruck
Wroten, Kelsey
Wrzos, Joseph -C -T
Wu, Anna
Wu, Bayard
Wu, Diana Gallagher
Wu, Frank -C -T
Wu, William F. -C -T
Wul, Stefan
Wurts, Janny -C -T
Wyal, Pg
Wyatt, Garry
Wyatt, Jacob
Wyatt, Jake
Wyatt, James
Wyatt, Scott
Wyatt, Terry
Wyckoff, Richard
Wylde, Thomas
Wylie, Dirk
Wylie, Elinor
Wylie, Philip
Wyllis, F. G.
Wyman, Vicki
Wymer, Thomas L.
Wyndham, John
Wynn, Cindy
Wynne, Bonnie
Wynne, Madeline Yale
Wynne-jones, Tim
Wynne-Tyson, Jon
Wysong, Brennen
Wytovich, Stephanie M. -C -T
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