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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Wabaunsee, Kevin
Wachowski, Andy
Wachowski, Larry
Wack, Amy
Wacks, Peter J.
Wade, Chris
Wade, Daniel
Wade, Juliette -C -T
Wade, Susan
Wadholm, Richard
Wadsworth, M. B.
Wagar, W. Warren
Waggoner, Diana
Waggoner, Tim -C -T
Wagner, Charles
Wagner, Hank
Wagner, Karl Edward -C -T
Wagner, Lionel
Wagner, Phyllis Cerf
Wagner, Richard -C -T
Wagner, Wendy N.
Wahl, Sharon
Wahls, Jamie
Wai, Cheah Kai
Waid, Mark
Waidner, Isabel
Wainer, Jack
Waiti-Mulholland, Isabel
Waititi, Taika
Waitman, Katie
Wakaruk, Amanda
Wakefield, H. Russell
Walde, A. A.
Walden, Tillie
Waldron, Michael
Waldrop, F. N.
Waldrop, Howard -C -T
Walewski, Konrad
Walker, David F.
Walker, Deborah
Walker, Felicity
Walker, Jane
Walker, Jonathan
Walker, K. S.
Walker, Kara
Walker, Leslie Claire
Walker, Megan
Walker, Nani
Walker, Paul -C -T
Walker, Sage
Walker, Stephen James -C
Walker, Steve
Walker, Suzanne
Walker, Wendy
Wallace, Amy
Wallace, Andrew
Wallace, Daniel
Wallace, David Foster
Wallace, Edgar
Wallace, F. L.
Wallace, Ian
Wallace, Jon
Wallace, Kali
Wallace, Matt
Wallace, Robert
Wallace, Sean -C -T
Waller, Nicholas
Walling, René
Walling, William
Wallis, George C.
Wallmann, Jeffrey M.
Walotsky, Ron -C -T
Walpole, Horace
Walpole, Hugh
Walrath, Holly Lyn
Walschots, Natalie Zina
Walser, Robert
Walsh, Andrew
Walsh, April Kit
Walsh, Fran -C
Walsh, Kaite
Walsh, Meg
Walsh, Michael
Walsh, Neil
Walta, Gabriel Hernández
Walter, Damien G.
Walter, Elizabeth
Walter, Stephen
Walter, W. Grey
Walters, Bob -C -T
Walters, Damien Angelica
Walters, David H.
Walters, Douglas -C
Walters, Jerad -C -T
Walters, Trent M.
Walther, Daniel
Walther, Paul
Waltje, Jorg
Walton, Bryce
Walton, David
Walton, Diane -C
Walton, Evangeline -C -T
Walton, Harry
Walton, Jo -C -T
Walton, Jo Lindsay
Walton, Leslye
Walton, Travis
Waltz, Michael
Walus, Yvonne Eve
Wan, Shelly
Wanak, LaShawn M.
Wandrei, Donald
Wandrei, Howard
Wandrey, Mark
Wang, Gabrielle
Wang, Hui-Ling
Wang, Regina Kanyu
Wang, Rona
Wang, Xu
Wang, Yilin
Wangerin, Walter, Jr.
Wanwen, Su
Warburton, Andrew
Warburton, Geoffrey
Ward, C. E.
Ward, Caias
Ward, Catriona -C -T
Ward, Charles Dexter
Ward, Christian -C -T
Ward, Cynthia
Ward, D. Alexander
Ward, Donald
Ward, Gareth
Ward, J. R.
Ward, Jean Marie
Ward, Kyla -C -T
Ward, Kyla Lee -C -T
Ward, Lindsay
Ward, Marlee Jane -C -T
Ward, Michael
Ward, Timothy C.
Warden, Anthon
Ware, Chris
Warfield, Gerald
Warga, Jasmine
Warhola, James
Warman, Damien
Warn, Emily
Warner, Harry, Jr. -C -T
Warner, Julian
Warner, Marina
Warner, Sylvia Townsend
Warner-Lalonde, Peggi -C
Warra, Brooke
Warren, Jamie
Warren, Kaaron -C -T
Warren, William R., Jr.
Warren-Youll, Jamie
Warrick, Dee
Warrick, Patricia S.
Warrington, Freda
Washburn, Kawai Strong
Washington, Masumi
Wasserberg, Eleanor
Wasserman, Robin
Wasserstein, Izzy
Watasin, Elizabeth
Waters, DB
Waters, Elisabeth
Waters, Erica
Waters, Sarah
Watkins, Ross
Watkins, William John -C -T
Watson, Andi
Watson, Andy
Watson, Angus
Watson, Bill
Watson, Dan
Watson, Grant -C -T
Watson, Greer
Watson, Ian -C -T
Watson, Jeff
Watson, Noelle
Watson, Simon
Watson, Tom
Watt, D. P.
Watt-Evans, Lawrence -C -T
Watts, Frances
Watts, Julia
Watts, Julie
Watts, Peter -C -T
Waugh, Charles G.
Waugh, Evelyn
Waugh, HM
Waugh, Robert H.
Waugh, Sylvia
Waught, Robert H.
Wayne, Taral -C
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