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  Elgin Awards  
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The Elgin Awards are presented by the Science Fiction Poetry Association (which also presents the Rhysling Awards and Dwarf Star Award), for poetry books and chapbooks.
Note that after the first year's awards, each year's awards are open to candidates from the past two calendar years.
— Winners by Year —
— 2019 — War, Marge Simon & Alessandro Manzetti (full-length book)
  Glimmerglass Girl, Holly Lyn Walrath (chapbook)
— 2018 — Liberating the Astronauts, Christina M. Rau (full-length collection)
  A Catalogue of the Further Suns, F. J. Bergmann (chapbook)
— 2017 — Field Guide to the End of the World, Jeannine Hall Gailey (full-length collection)
  Leviathan, Neil Aitken (chapbook)
— 2016 — Crowned: The Sign of the Dragon Book 1, Mary Soon Lee (Full-Length Collection)
  Undoing Winter, Shannon Connor Winward (Chapbook)
— 2015 — Sweet Poison, Marge Simon & Mary Turzillo (Book)
  Wolf Skin, Mary McMyne (Chapbook)
— 2014 — Demonstra, Bryan Thao Worra (Book)
  The Sex Lives of Monsters, Helen Marshall (Chapbook)
— 2013 — Lovers & Killers, Mary Turzillo (Book)
  Out of the Black Forest, F. J. Bergmann (Chapbook)

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