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Total Number of Award Nominations: 6

Analog Readers Pollfor stories, articles, and art published by Analog, polled by readers
(5 nominations)

“The Unlikely Heroines of Callisto Station” (Analog Jul/Aug 2021) — novella — 2nd place

“Room to Live” (Analog Sep/Oct 2021) — short story — 5th place

“A Place to Stand On” (Analog Jan/Feb 2019) — short story — 4th place (tie)

“We Carry” (Analog Mar/Apr 2019) — poem — 4th place

“The Willing Body, the Reluctant Heart” (Analog May/Jun 2018) — short story — 2nd place

Asimov's Reader Pollfor stories, poems, and art published by Asimov's, polled by readers
(1 nomination)

“Unlooping” (Asimov's Jan/Feb 2020) — poem — 4th place (tie)

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