Doug Murano

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Awards Summary

Career and Special Awards: 1

Major Awards: 1



Total Number of Award Wins and Nominations: 5

— Career and Special Awards —
Bram Stoker Awardsfor Horror works, voted by Horror Writer's Association professional membership
(Tom Calen, Brock Cooper & DM) Richard Laymon (president's award) — winner

Miscreations: Gods, Monstrosities & Other Horrors (Michael Bailey & DM, eds.) (Written Backwards) — anthology — nomination

Behold!: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders (Crystal Lake) — anthology — winner

Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories (DM & D. Alexander Ward, eds.) (Crystal Lake) — anthology — nomination

— Major Awards —
Shirley Jackson Awardsfor works of psychological horror and dark fantastic, juried
(1 nomination)

Miscreations: Gods, Monstrosities & Other Horrors (DM & Michael Bailey, eds.) (Written Backwards) — anthology — nomination

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