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Awards Summary




Awards Won: 23

Total Number of Award Wins and Nominations: 53

Aurealis Awardsfor SF/F/H works published in Australia; juried
(16 nominations; 6 wins)

Dark Harvest (NewCon) — collection — nomination

“You Will Remember Who You Were” (Dimension6 #16) — sf novella — nomination

The 21st Century Catastrophe — Convenors' Award — winner (tie)

Lotus Blue (Skyhorse) — sf novel — nomination

The Bride Price (Ticonderoga) — collection — nomination

“Dead Low” (Midnight Echo) — sf short story — nomination

“Seventeen” (Masques) — young adult short story — winner

“Sammarynda Deep ” (Paper Cities: An Anthology of Urban Fantasy) — fantasy short story — winner

“Hollywood Roadkill ” (On Spec #69) — Golden Aurealis short story — winner

“Arctica” (Fantastic Wonder Stories) — sf short story — nomination

“Hollywood Roadkill ” (On Spec #69) — sf short story — winner

“A Lady of Adestan” (Orb #7) — fantasy short story — nomination

“Macciato Lane” (Ticonderoga Online) — horror story — nomination

“Home by the Sea ” (Orb #6) — sf short story — nomination

Peter McNamara Convenors' Award — winner

for the guidance and support she has provided to the local genre industry through her imprint Agog! Publishing — Peter McNamara Convenors' Award — nomination

Compton Crook Stephen Tall Memorial Awardfor best first novel, voted by members of annual Balticon
(1 nomination)

Lotus Blue (Talos) — finalist

Ditmar Awardsfor Australian SF/F, voted by members of Australian National SF Convention
(35 nominations; 17 wins)

“The 21st Century Catastrophe: Hyper-capitalism and Severe Climate Change in Science Fiction” — William Atheling Jr. Award for Criticism or Review — winner

Lotus Blue (Skyhorse) — novel — nomination

“Prayers to Broken Stone” (Kaleidotrope Spr 2017) — short story — nomination

Ecopunk! (by CS & Liz Grzyb) (Ticonderoga) — collected work — winner

“Science fiction and climate fiction: contemporary literatures of purpose” (Ecopunk!) — William Atheling Jr. Award for Criticism or Review — nomination

“No Fat Chicks” (In Your Face) — short story — winner

“Hot Rods” (Lightspeed Mar 2015) — novella or novelette — nomination

“The Seventh Relic” (Phantazein) — short story — winner

“Scarp” (The Bride Price) — short story — winner

The Bride Price (Ticonderoga) — collected work — winner

The Bride Price (Ticonderoga) — artwork — nomination

“The Sleeping and the Dead” (Ishtar) — novella or novelette — nomination

“All the Love in the World” (Sprawl) — short story — winner (tie)

“Seventeen” (Masques) — short story — winner

“Sammarynda Deep ” (Paper Cities: An Anthology of Urban Fantasy) — short story — nomination

Scary Food Cookbook (Agog! Press) — fan publication — nomination

for Scary Food Cookbook — fan artist — winner

2012 — artwork — nomination

Creeping in Reptile Flesh — artwork — nomination

“A Lady of Adestan” (Orb #7) — novella — winner

Agog! Ripping Reads (Agog! Press) — collected work — nomination

Agog! Ripping Reads (Agog! Press) — artwork — nomination

Daughters of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century (Wesleyan University Press) — artwork — nomination

“Home by the Sea ” (Orb #6) — novella or novelette — nomination

Agog! Smashing Stories — collected work — nomination

Agog! Smashing Stories — artwork — nomination

for editing and writing including winning third place in the writers of the future award — professional achievement — nomination

Agog! Terrific Tales (Agog! Press) — collected work — winner (tie)

Agog! Terrific Tales by Cat Sparks, ed. — artwork — winner

Agog! Fantastic Fiction (Agog! Press) — Australian collected work — winner

Australian fan artist — winner

Passing Strange — Australian artwork — winner

fan artist — nomination

new talent — winner

fan artist — winner

Writers and Illustrators of the Futurefor stories and art by contest winners, juried
(1 nomination)

“Last Dance at the Sergeant Majors' Ball” — Writers of the Future 1st quarter — Third Place

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