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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Smaill, Anna
Smale, Alan -C -T
Smallcomb, Pam
Smeaton, Bruce
Smedman, Lisa
Smeds, Dave
Smee, Lilla
Smee, Lucy
Smirl, Dennis E.
Smith (II), Alex
Smith, Alex
Smith, Alex (II)
Smith, Alexander O.
Smith, Ali
Smith, Alison
Smith, Allen J. M.
Smith, Andrew
Smith, Angela Yuriko
Smith, Barry
Smith, Basil A.
Smith, Brian
Smith, Caighlan
Smith, Charise Castro
Smith, Clark Ashton -C -T
Smith, Clete Barrett
Smith, Cordwainer -C -T
Smith, Curtis C.
Smith, D. Alexander
Smith, Darian
Smith, Darryl A.
Smith, David A.
Smith, Dean Wesley -C -T
Smith, Dick
Smith, Dietrich
Smith, Douglas -C -T
Smith, Edward E. -C -T
Smith, Elijah Rain
Smith, Evelyn E.
Smith, Fred
Smith, Garret
Smith, Gary A.
Smith, Gavin
Smith, George H.
Smith, George O.
Smith, Ginny
Smith, Guy N.
Smith, H. Allen
Smith, J. Ashley -C -T
Smith, J. F.
Smith, Jean Claude
Smith, Jeff
Smith, Jeffrey D.
Smith, Julian Mortimer
Smith, Kay Nolte
Smith, Keith
Smith, Kevin
Smith, Klara
Smith, Kristine -C -T
Smith, L. Neil -C -T
Smith, Lane
Smith, Leah Zeldes
Smith, Lowell Kent
Smith, Maggie
Smith, Mark
Smith, Martin Cruz
Smith, Matt
Smith, Michael Marshall -C -T
Smith, Neil
Smith, Nevenah
Smith, Orion
Smith, Pauline C.
Smith, Peter Moore
Smith, Petrina
Smith, Philip H.
Smith, R. T.
Smith, Rashia J.
Smith, Richard R.
Smith, Ritchie
Smith, Robert
Smith, Robyn
Smith, Ron
Smith, Rosemary Claire
Smith, Sammy H. K.
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Scott
Smith, Shane W.
Smith, Sherwood
Smith, Stephanie A.
Smith, Thomas G.
Smith, Thorne
Smith, Tony C.
Smith, Trevor
Smith, Wayland
Smith, Wilfred C.
Smith-Briggs, Mark
Smith-Clarke, Susan
Smitter, Wessel Hyatt
Smoky Man
Smyth, Jack
Smythe, J. P.
Smythe, James
Smythe, Rachel
Smyth-McMullen, Catherine
Snead, Richard
Sneary, Rick
Snell, Edmund
Snelling, Nicholas
Snellings-Clark, Lisa -C -T
Sneyd, Steve
Sng, Christina -C -T
Sniegowski, Tom
Snipes, Jonathan -C -T
Snodgrass, Melinda M. -C -T
Snoeren, Jurgen
Snow, Jack
Snow, Lauren Raye
Snydal, Laurence
Snyder, Gary
Snyder, Guy
Snyder, Jena
Snyder, Lucy A. -C -T
Snyder, Maria V.
Snyder, Midori
Snyder, Scott
Snyder, Zilpha Keatley
Snyman, Monique
Soall, Matthew
Soares, L. L.
Sobchack, Vivian
Sobel, Rachel
Sobel, Robert
Soellner, Rand
Soesbe, Jeff
Sohl, Jerry
Sohmer, Ryan
Sokoloff, Alexandra
Solem, Erik Jean
Soles, Caro
Sologub, Fyodor
Solomon, Charles
Solomon, Maria Beliaeva
Solomon, Rivers -C -T
Solosan, Don
Solstein, Eric
Soma, Taki
Somerlott, Robert
Somers, Jeff
Sommariva, Jon
Sommer, Sam
Somogyi, Victoria
Somoza, Jose Carlos
Somtow, S. P. -C -T
Sonea, Andrew
Song, Han
Sonnemann, William K.
Sook, Ryan
Soontornvat, Christina
Sophos, Matt
Sorayama, Hajime
Sorescu, Marin
Sorg, Arley -C -T
Sorge, Carly B.
Sosnowski, David
Sotelo, Mano
Sottong, Stephen
Sougpradith, Soutchay
Soukup, Martha -C -T
Soule, Charles
Sourbut, Liz
South, James B.
Southard, Nate
Souto, Marcial
Souza, Doug C.
Sowards, Anne
Spaar, Lisa Russ
Spada, Maria
Spadoni, Aldo
Spalding, Kendra Leigh
Spalenka, Greg -C -T
Sparhawk, Bud -C -T
Spark, Anna Smith
Spark, Muriel
Sparks, Amber
Sparks, Bryn
Sparks, Cat -C -T
Sparling, Nancy
Sparrow, Katherine
Spaulding, Claire
Spearing, Craig J.
Spears, Heather
Spears, Ron
Specht, Robert
Spector, Alyn
Spector, Caroline
Spector, Craig
Spector, Elijah Kinch
Spedding, Amanda J
Speer, Jack -C -T
Spehner, Laurine
Spehner, Norbert
Speirs, Dale -C
Spell, T. M.
Speller, Maureen Kincaid -C -T
Spence, David
Spencer, Britt
Spencer, Garth -C
Spencer, Gary
Spencer, Hugh
Spencer, John
Spencer, Rochelle
Spencer, Sally-Ann
Spencer, Talia
Spencer, Wen -C -T
Spencer, William
Spencer, William Browning -C -T
Spenser, Edmund
Sperber, Noa Josef
Sperring, Kari -C -T
Spiegelman, Nadja
Spiegler, Louise
Spielberg, Steven -C
Spiers, Dale
Spigel, Erik Jon
Spignesi, Stephen J.
Spillane, Mickey
Spinrad, Norman -C -T
Spires, Ashley
Spires, D. A. Xiaolin
Spitz, Jacques
Spofford, Harriet
Špokas, Jonas
Spooner, Meagan -C -T
Spriggs, Robin
Springer, Nancy -C -T
Springer, Sherwood
Springett, Martin -C -T
Sproule, Dale L. -C -T
Spruill, Steven G.
Spudvilas, Anne
Spufford, Francis
Spurgeon, Sara L.
Spurlock, J. David -C -T
Spurrier, Jo
Spurrier, Simon
Spurrier, SJ
Spurrier, Wimon
Squire, J. C.
Squires, Cameron
Squires, Roy A.
Sriduangkaew, Benjanun
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