Jean-Pierre Targete

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Awards Summary


Major Awards: 1



Total Number of Award Wins and Nominations: 10

— Major Awards —
Chesley Awardsfor SF/F/H artworks; voted by members of Association of SF & F Artists
(10 nominations; 1 win)

The Sword of Darrow by Alex & Hal Malchow (BenBella) — cover illustration, paperback — nomination

The Sword of Darrow by Alex & Hal Malchow (BenBella) — interior illustration — nomination

The Turtle Moves! Discworld's Story Unauthorized by Lawrence Watt-Evans (Benbella) — cover illustration, paperback — nomination

The Fair Folk by Marvin Kaye (SFBC) — cover illustration, hardcover — nomination

The Hidden Queen by Alma Alexander (Eos) — cover illustration, paperback — nomination

“Fantagoria” — monochrome work, unpublished — nomination

Dragon Blood by Patricia Briggs (Ace) — cover illustration, paperback — nomination

“Morgana Reborn” — monochrome work, unpublished — nomination

Circle at Center by Douglas Niles (Ace) — cover illustration, paperback — winner

Wrapt in Crystal by Sharon Shinn — cover illustration, paperback book — nomination

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