Sharon Lee

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Awards Summary

Career and Special Awards: 1



Other Awards: 3

Total Number of Award Wins and Nominations: 11

— Career and Special Awards —
Skylark Awardfor contribution to SF in the spirit of E.E. "Doc" Smith; presented by NESFA
(SL & Steve Miller) — winner

— Locus Awards and Poll —
Locus Awardsfor SF/F/H works, polled by readers of Locus Magazine
(3 nominations)

Necessity's Child (by SL & Steve Miller) (Baen) — sf novel — 23rd place

Trade Secret (by SL & Steve Miller) (Baen) — sf novel — 22nd place

Saltation (by SL & Steve Miller) (Baen) — sf novel — 18th place

— Other Awards —
Balrog Awardsfor fantasy works, presented an annual FoolsCon in Kansas City
(1 nomination)

“A Matter of Ceremony” (Amazing Stories May 1980) — short fiction — nomination

Golden Duck Awardsfor children's and YA SF books, juried
(2 nominations; 1 win)

Fledgling (by SL & Steve Miller) (Baen) — Hal Clement Award (young adult) — nomination

Balance of Trade (by SL & Steve Miller) (Meisha Merlin) — Hal Clement Award (young adult) — winner

SF Site Readers Pollfor SF/F books, voted by readers of SF Site website
(3 nominations; 2 wins)

Dragon Ship (by SL & Steve Miller) (Baen) — sf/fantasy book — winner

Ghost Ship (by SL & Steve Miller) (Baen) — sf/fantasy book — winner

Saltation (by SL & Steve Miller) (Baen) — sf/fantasy book — 10th place (tie)

WSFA Small Press Awardfor short fiction from small press publications, voted by member of Washington SF Assn
(1 nomination)

“Standing Orders” (by SL & Steve Miller) (Derelicts) — shortlist — nomination

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