August Derleth

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Citations Summary

Total Number of Citations: 10


Number of Titles Cited: 9

Number of Citation Sources: 6



Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (Arkham House, 1967)

Beyond Time and Space: A Compenium of SF Through the Ages (Pellegrini Cudahy, 1950)

The Other Side of the Moon (Pellegrini Cudahy, 1949)

Strange Ports of Call (Pellegrini Cudahy, 1948)

Lonesome Places (Arkham House, 1962)

The Watchers Out of Time and Others (Arkham House, 1974)

The Lurker at the Threshold (by H. P. Lovecraft & AD) (Arkham House, 1945)

The Sleeping & the Dead: Thirty Uncanny Tales (Pellegrini Cudahy, 1947)

Strange Ports of Call (Pellegrini Cudahy, 1948)

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